Dajti Hotel was planned by the Italian architect, Gherardo Bosi (1903-1941). Bosi was responsible for designing the whole structural axis of Tirana, the city’s main boulevard with its spaces and adjacent buildings. Hotel Daiti was opened in 1941, had about 100 rooms and a variety of spaces for rest and recreation. It was said to have been the most modern and expensive hotel of the Balkans at the time.
During the whole communist era it was reserved only for high guests or functionaries and Marxist-Leninists groups that visited Albania. It had an aura of power, of fear and of the State Security (Sigurimi) which controlled every corner of the luxurious building.
Unfortunately after 1990 it fell into decline and decay. It was and is today a state owned property however the state, to this date, has not had the courage to restore or modernize it. Lately they are speaking of changing its destiny by bringing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs into it. Perhaps this would be the coup de grâce for the once famous hotel.