Children of Adriatic City Albania 2018
“I’ll show you a place in Albania you won’t forget in a hurry.” And yes, Hervé the Frenchman, who just like me had already been living in Albania for quite some time, was right. Adriatic City wouldn’t let go of me after the first encounter. This ghost city is like a place you only really find in a dream. 4 blocks of houses in the middle of nowhere that were built in Hoxha’s time for workers who were going to be employed by a state-run factory. Yet the factory was never finished, but the people who lived there stayed on after the ‘turnaround’. It struck me that there were so many children there who really were having a lot of fun in such a spacious secluded landscape. They jumped around on the bunkers, ran aimlessly from one house to another, and showed me the old dilapidated school. An unbelievable energy that is set loose in this desolate region. They tell me: “we’re just waiting ‘til we grow up and then we’re off out of here